Discovery Term 3/4

We are learning to 
  • Use the Key Competencies

       Managing Self                       Participating & Contributing                         Thinking  
                  Using Language, Symbols & Texts                     Relating to Others 

Term 3 Writing

I am learning to
    • Make my writing more interesting and easier to read
Success Criteria
    • Include many ideas in my stories.
    • Put a capital letter that the beginning of each idea.
    • Put a full stop at the end of each idea.

Teacher Feedback
Milla, you are including more than one idea in you stories. I can see that you are trying to put fullstops in the correct place.

Maths Home Learning

To help the children make connections between mathematics and the real world through completing authentic learning experiences.

Measurement - Length, Width & Height

We are learning to measure.

We will know that we are successful when we:

  • Use measuring language to compare length, width, and height
  • Select objects which are about the same length as a given object
  • Order three or more objects by length, height or width
  • Use materials to make a long or short construction


We are learning to move like gymnasts.

We will know we are successful when we:

  • Create and perform a sequence which links two shapes through rolling, traveling or jumping.

Student Comment
I did gymnastics. It was fun. Kaela and Yo-Yo and me can get a mat.

Fitness - Skipping

We are learning to keep fit.

We will know we are successful when we:

  • Join in activities with a positive attitude
  • Identify what makes fitness a positive experience
  • Identify ways to make changes to the activity to increase enjoyment
  • Demonstrate basic skipping skills with short and long ropes

Student Comment
I like skipping because it is fun.