Numeracy 2014

I am learning to:
  • find a half(1/2) and a quarter(1/4) of shape.

I am learning to:
  • subtract using numbers to 10, by imaging (using pictures in my head).

Learning to Read

Term 1
                                Buddy Reading

Term 2

Term 3
Visiting the Library
Term 4
What do good readers do?
I am a good reader because I look at the pictures. I look at the words and I sound the sounds out too. I skip the words if I see a tricky word. I go back and try again.

Term 4 Writing

I am learning to:
  • write using small letters, inside the lines.

Teacher Comment
Milla, you writing is easier to read because you are writing inside the lines and you are using mostly lower case letters.

Your next step is to add new ideas to your stories, without repeating yourself.